Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Q. What is the difference between a L Track and a S Track massage chair?
  • A. L Track - L Track is able to massage from your neck to under your glutes.
  • b. S Track – S Track is able to massage from your neck to your lower back.

  • Q. What is a 3D massage?
  • A. 3D technology allows the massager to move horizontally, vertically, and in and out.
  • A. This allows the user to choose a light or deep tissue massage. This is the equivalent of telling a massage therapist to go softer or lighter during a massage. It is better for people who want a very light massage or deep tissue massage.
  • Q. What are the benefits of massage?


  • a. Releases endorphins which contributes to happiness
  • b. Promotes better sleep
  • c. Builds a stronger immune system
  • d. Promotes better posture
  • e. Increases flexibility
  • f. Stimulates blood circulation
  • h. Relieves stress
  • i. Improves muscle pain
  • j. Helps improve soft tissue injuries

  • Q. What is the height range / weight capacity for each chair?
  • a. ET100 – 320 lbs 5ft – 6’
  • b. ET150 – 300 lbs 5ft – 6’
  • c. ET210 – 320 lbs 5ft – 6’
  • d. ET300 – 320 lbs 5ft – 6’3

  • Q. How much distance do you need between the chair and the wall?
  • a. ET100 – 15 inches
  • b. ET150 – 7 inches
  • c. ET210 – 6 inches
  • d. ET300 – 1 inch

  • Q. How many watts does the chairs require?
  • a. ET100 – 100W
  • b. ET150 – 130W
  • c. ET210 – 150W
  • d. ET300 – 110W

  • Q. What is the weight capacity of Ergotec chairs?
  • A. All of our Ergotec chairs can safely hold up to 300 lbs.

  • Q. Can you turn the foot rollers off on each of the massage chairs?
  • A. Yes

  • Q. How long has Ergotec been in business?
  • A. Ergotec has been developing quality massage chairs with superior value for over 20 years. We are confident that Ergotec products will provide a wonderful massage with the quality that our users expect.

  • Q. Where is Ergotec based?
  • A. Ergotec’s marketing, sales, design team, customer service, and executive offices are based in Los Angeles, California.

  • Q. Where are Ergotec chairs made?
  • A. All of our Ergotec chairs are manufactured in our factory in Xiamen, China.

  • Q. How do I clean my Ergotec chair?
  • A. To clean your chair, you should simply dust/vacuum over the leather, wipe the chair using a cloth moistened in a warm mild soap solution, and then wipe with normal water. Do not use saddle soap, polishes, or waxes.

  • Q. Delivery Charges
  • a. Curbside = FREE
  • b. Threshold = $149
  • c. White Glove = $399
  • Due to the Covid19 pandemic, White Glove is not offered in many areas. Please contact Ergotec via chat or phone call for to discuss the options in your area.



  • Q. What is your return policy?
  • a. You have 30 days from the date of delivery to return your item.
  • b. A full refund will be issued minus a Flat Rate Fee of $250, customer will need to pack up the chair in the original box and place it outside of their home for the carrier to come and pick up.
  • c. A full refund will be issued minus a Flat Rate Fee of $450, if customer needs us to go in their home and pack up the chair for them.
  • d. *White Glove Delivery is Non-Refundable.

  • Q. What is the Ergotec warranty?
  • a. Standard: 1 year parts and labor
  • b. Extended Warranty: additional 2 years parts and labor
  • i. ET-100 & ET150 - $199
  • ii. ET210 & ET300 - $299
  • c. Commercial Warranty (all NON-RESIDENTIAL use) - $200 per year, capped at 2 years

  • Q. Do you have questions regarding if this chair can help with certain medical issues?
  • A. We recommend that you discuss your matter with your specialized physician to see if a massage chair is right for your unique medical condition.

  • Q. How do I put together my Ergotec chair?
  • Mercury https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZRQjz0fFcg
  • Neptune https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPNQuMlf9aA
  • Saturn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRevTXbNVbQ
  • Jupiter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEV_uL-4iMc


  • Q. How do I operate my Ergotec chair?
  • Mercury https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1KLHXhSONY
  • Neptune https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHVNinNcssM
  • Saturn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_3MkWNSZnA
  • Jupiter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51n246XfJG0

  • Q. What if I experience a problem with my Ergotec chair?
  • a. Chat with us on our website, email: Service@Cozziausa.com or call 877-977-0222 to speak to our customer service team.
  • b. Ergotec chairs are designed, marketed, and manufactured by Cozzia USA. Cozzia is the leading manufacture of the most advanced and innovative robotic massage chairs in the United States. We make some of the best-known brands you can trust. Learn more here: www.cozziausa.com

  • Q. Where can I find my chair’s User Manual?
  • A. Click Here

  • Q. Where is my serial number?
  • A. The serial number is located on the middle back on the chair.

  • Q. Does your chair need to travel up more than one set of stairs or is it going into a condo/apartment complex?
  • A. Please contact us for additional shipping price information.

  • Q. What is 2D L-Track?
  • A. 2D massage rollers move on two dimensions: up and down and side to side. Adding an L-track to a 2D massage chair allows for the rollers to move up/down and side/side from the neck to the top of the hamstrings.
    2D massage rollers move on two dimensions: up and down and side to side. Adding an L-track to a 2D massage chair allows for the rollers to move up/down and side/side from the neck to the top of the hamstrings.

  • Q. How do I connect to my Ergotec Bluetooth speakers?
  • a. Please locate the Bluetooth signal name starting with “0MC” or “MC”, located near the power plug.
  • b. Make sure the power switch is in the “I” position.
  • c. Search for the signal name on your phone/device and click to connect.
  • d. Now you should be able to play music from your phone and the sound will come out of the chair’s speakers
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