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Our designers meticulously craft every Ergotec massage chair. So it’s only right that we should devote just as much care to develop the kind of comprehensive warranty that ensures your complete satisfaction with the finished product. The warranty, and the service team that backs it up, are among the best in the business. We’re confident that you’ll agree, even if you never have to use them. If you need to contact Ergotec regarding technical support or warranty concerns, please visit the Contact Us page.

Ergotec massage chairs provide a one year in home servicing warranty and a two year parts warranty. Ergotec customer service will not issue Return Material Authorizations (RMAs) for products. Ergotec products will be repaired by the consumer or by an in-home technician. Ergotec will not issue Return Material Authorizations (RMAs) to buyers.

Service and Technical Support

  • Consumers may contact Ergotec’s Customer Service Department at 1-877-977-0656 between 9:00am and 5:30pm PST, Monday through Friday.
  • Consumers are required to provide the unit serial number and dated proof of purchase (sales receipt) when they contact the Ergotec service department regarding a repair.
  • An Ergotec customer service representative will attend to most consumer inquiries but in some cases a technical service specialist will be required to provide enhanced support.
  • Non warrant repair is provided on a ‘per incident’ basis. Ergotec customer service will verify that the unit has failed and provide instructions for repair. All applicable repairs, parts, shipping, handling, local tax and a ‘per incident’ fee will be charged for non-warranty repairs and support calls.

Extended Warranties

  • Ergotec offers extended warranty programs to enhance ownership of Ergotec products. Extended warranty provides a two year limited repair or replacement massage chair warranty with on-site service.
  • You can chat with us for the latest terms and pricing for extended warranties.

Product Repairs

  • Many Ergotec product repairs may be performed by the consumer in his/her own home with parts and instructions supplied by Ergotec, such as remote controller replacements that do not require a technician.
  • Warranty Coverage Period: warranty coverage starts at the time of chair delivery. Proof of purchase is required for all warranty repairs. The warranty time period is measured by continuous calendar days based on the seven day week.
  • Field Service: Ergotec Customer Service Department will diagnose and schedule an authorized service provider to repair the chair in the customer’s residence.
  • Parts deemed necessary for repairs under warranty will be shipped to the customer at no charge by the Ergotec Service Department.
  • Parts not covered under warranty can be ordered from our service department.  Please contact Ergotec Service Department for details.
  • Floor models and demonstration units have a prorated warranty period that begins the day the model is placed on the floor and connected to an electrical outlet by the retail partner. Proof of purchase is required in order to obtain warranty service and parts.

Consumer Warranty Limitations and Exclusions

  • Warranties are only valid in the 48 contiguous United States and Canada and are contingent upon the consumer operating the chair according to the corresponding instruction manual.
  • The warranty only applies to Ergotec products and does not include any accessories or enhancements.
  • Field service requires pre-approval and must be performed by Ergotec’s authorized field service personnel. Field service is only available in the United States and major metropolitan areas in Canada.

Commercial Warranty

Ergotec chairs placed in or purchased for a commercial location will require a commercial warranty. A commercial warranty is available for purchase within 30 days of your purchase. Please reach out to a representative regarding Commercial warranty pricing and purchase.

Note:  The standard Warranty or extended warranty doesn't cover the chairs during commercial use. 


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